Mothers Day Freebie for You!

Wow, things have changed in the last few months. I am no longer designing for a store and although I will miss that alot I am looking forward to having some time to do other things...Like scrap for myself, LOL
I plan on getting around to some "house keeping" chores like organizing my computer files and getting rid of stuff I know I will never use and backing up more of my files (I am so guilty of not keeping current on that...) and working on this blog :)

I also have to admit that at my age, if I don't start scanning the boxes and boxes of photographs under the bed, I might not live long enough to get them done!!! Hopefully I can keep to my goal to work somewhat chronologically... Scanning is my least favorite thing to do.
I suffer from "Acute Multiple Media Overload" photos, slides, negatives from all kinds of cameras...the big ones from my parents Brownie...remember the ones that came on a tiny round disc??? Kodak Advantax :) the negatives are in the little cartridges? Not to mention movies of all sorts from the 1950' til now???? "((Heavy Sigh))" Where to start LOL! Breaking things into "do-able" piles and just digging in! I guess I will see how it goes! Meanwhile I have a little Mothers Day Gift for you...its created with my "Eternal Spring" kit...
I did this layout of My Mom,

Here is the link to the download...

I scanned and fixed another photo of my she is on the steps of a Baltimore Row house.