News and a Freebie!

Well I didn't make the 42 scans I needed this month to stay on track BUT the good news is I have a custom book client signed up and I have been working non stop on
that project. Have to pay for my books somehow LOL! Oh and I did get a 2 page layout done. All and all I am happy with myself :) I will have to scan extra this month to catch up.
The other thing that was positive this month is that I found out I can get access to at our library, always good when you can save some $$$. I spent about 3 hours there the other day and found alot of information. I used their "print" option but did not realize I needed to magnify it so the prints are pretty useless. Need to go back and follow the directions 8) I have to use a magnifying glass and its still hard to make out! I definitely want to scan them and add them to my book.
I have a freebie for you today, it looks like this

I am going to try to get more together soon, hopefully by the 15th of Feb. I have a few really good ideas for the kit so keep checking back!

Pick up this part of the kit here

A Freebie Sample of my Heritage Kit!

Just to give you a look at this kit, here is a freebie for you! It has 2 papers and

I included the frame with and without the bend and shadow as well as a single frame.
You can grab it here

Don't forget to stop back and pick up the first installment of my heritage kit soon!

A look at Part 2 of "My Heritage" "Give Away"

Good morning! I am so behind this AM but I wanted to post this before I start running around trying to control some of my day LOL
Here is a look at the new additions to my kit. I hope you like them!

I'm off to do errands and chores, but I hope to get some scanning done tonight and maybe a freebie!

New Layout and a Cheater :)

Here is the earliest photo  I have  of my Dad. 

I had already scanned it so I can't count it towards my total but it done and scrapped!
Here is the next page in my book...
I am going to have to rearrange pages because I have a photo of my grandparents that needs to be done soon.

I am hoping to have a freebie for you on Monday, and news on how to get the parts of my Heritage kit as I post them.

Mom & Dad (Before Children) Page 1

Annie's layout is finished. I am quite happy with it too, so I think it is "really" finished. Here is the layout minus the journaling, ahhh and I remembered to save the layers!

Here is a look at what I have for my heritage kit so far...

I have a few things to do before I can get back to more photoshop time!
Happy Scanning!

Meet Annie

I think this is the oldest photo that I have. It is my Great Grandmother, Annie. My Dad always referred to her as "MamMams". Her parents immigrated to this country as a young married couple.

I think I should be sure to save a PSD file of Annie's layout. That way if I find out more before the book is printed I will be able to change it.
I also think I will look around for a "family tree" template or create one of my own.
So much to think about but I am getting really excited about this project. I am going to try to enhance the photo a bit and get the layout started. I know just what I am going to use to "scrap Annie"


Here is a look at my contribution to the challenge....

Here is the link to download!
7 papers
1 frame
1 word art